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Musings on the Institutional Web Management Workshop IWMW 2006 in Bath, UK

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Managing Standards - Delivering a Quality Assured Web Environment: John Gilbey

Brief history of quality … comes from Egyptians and the military … using ISO 9000 – need to for £6 million funding … A4 paper good example of standard widely used (not in usa) … standard for A4 paper costs £70 – why? … ISO 9000 a generic standard for managing organizations … based on key ideas: customer focus, leadership (unity of purpose), involvement of people, systems approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making (perhaps not happening in HE?) … Documents key to QA were only found on the intranet … just needed a bit of tweaking to meet ISO … have to think about risk management, governance, compliance … not doing right if it’s getting overly bureaucratic … have to do internally – external consultants won’t be able to do


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