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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sector Statistics: Ranjit Sidhu

About benchmarking the sector … where is education sector compared to other institutions and other services … 22 institutions for all of May and will do every 6 months … what should we measure? … need to think who are the clients … new technologies – are they worth the spend? … how do nedstats measure – use a single pixel measure … visitor cookie for returning vistors … visitors accepting cookies 96% - more or less the same as for all nedstat customers … how is a site found – 3 ways – direct entry (57%), external referred (21%)and search engines (29%) … Most searching directly for the name of the univ … some search for .ac.uk … Geography – 77.3% from UK, USA, then India … 30-50% of web traffic is internal … Average of 7 mins on the site ... Some quite tricky scatter diagrams that were tricky to understand but I think I got the general idea. Most results seemed to be what you would expect.


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